Monday, April 30, 2007

75 Degrees and Snowing

Snowball Crit Report

AAB Racing had a good turnout for the local Snowball crit and pulled out a victory on the B race - congrats Mike.
It was a beautiful day to race. I had to cruise after my race so I don't have a race report but Shawn does. So check out Shawn's Blog for a full race report.

Fishsticks on the attack!

Get ready for some fast and technical racing next week at the Norfolk Classic.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Casey Crit

Casey Crit went off on Sunday. Beautiful day for racing, 70's with a slight breeze and low humidity on the campus of Christopher Newport University of off Warwick Blvd and just down the street from Michael Vick's High School (Warwick HS).

Let's start with the CAT 5. Manimal vs. Leopard (you'd have to have been there). Both strong riders. It came down to the final turn where the Manimal got him on the inside and took a 5 bike length win. Congratulations to Skinny Steven for pulling out another victory and scoring points for the team. Mike Brown and Joe Younkin finished in the pack but haven't seen the official results to see if they got in the top 15. Of course what's a CAT 5 race without carnage. On the final lap, two guys (Team Nature's Path and Casey) went down hard. Hope they get better soon.

CAT 4 had a good showing of AAB teammates in the race. The pace was fast and a 3 man breakaway held their 20+ second gap. There was crash on the final few laps that spread the field out farther and Mitch blew a tire on the second to last lap.
Pictures of the CAT 4 Race

CAT 3 had Andy finishing in the pack. There was a 2 man breakaway that stuck.

I'll post official results when I see them.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Videos For Your Wet Sunday Trainer Workout

Here's a couple of videos to watch during the Nor'easter that's coming our way Sunday.

Check out Shawn in last year's Commonwealth Games CAT 5 Crit (3rd place finish).

Ciclismo Cross Race last fall. About halfway thru the first video you'll see a AAB rider with his bike down and jumping over the race tape. It's a safe bet that was Fishsticks. The second video has a few more shots of Fishsticks (and his Robbie Mcewan head-bobbin' sprint at the end) and some of either Rob or Mike.

Part 1

Part 2

All videos courtesy of Richmond Ciclismo

Don't forget to watch Paris-Roubaix on Versus Sunday @ 5pm.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sidi-Team Deal

Mark Monet has the team's shoes ready to be shiped out, however, he needs a payment in order to ship them to the shop. Send me(Steven) or Rob an email or come up to the shop to make payment-same process as the shorts. Most of the team are getting the genius 5.5 carbon or the genius 5. Since we have a team deal with Sidi, I cant give out our prices on here, but i'm sure everyone has a good idea on what they are since we've viewed them before. This is steven, signing out. HOORAH!

Team shorts

Everyone who is getting the team shorts, a down payment is needed so I can place the order. Champion systems requires 50% down, so everyone who is getting bib shorts, I need $30 from you. If you're getting 2 pairs of bibs, then that's $80. Do the math guys! I dont know what math you guys took in skool... ok, it's really $60. The extra $20 goes to Manimal Race Funds. A few people on the team will also be getting skinsuits(same design as jersey/shorts-just one piece). If you're getting a skinsuit, I will need $50 from you. If payment is by check, make payment to All About Bikes Racing. You must be a team member to get the team shorts-no if's and's or but's. this is what I have so far: All About bikes women's team: Jeff G.-1 medium(pink shorts-upon request), Jess-1 medium. Albe-1 medium, Joe Y.-1 large, Andy B.-2 medium, Chris G.-1 medium, Mike H.-1 medium?, Brownie-1 medium, Rob R.-1 medium, Mike D.(not Mike D. from Beastie Boys)-1 large, Amos-2 medium, Mitch-2 large, Mike L.-1 medium? Mitch, Mike L., and myself are getting skinsuits; anyone else, just let me know. If i've left anyone out, shoot me an email. or also, you can call me at the shop. Peace Suckah's, -Manimal

Sunday, April 1, 2007

No April Fools!

Mitch and Steven raced 7 times this weekend.
Mitch (4 races) did the Conquer the Canal TT and Cat 4 Greenville Crit on Saturday and the Cat4 and 40+ at the Townebank Crit in Langley the following day. Steven did the TT in the morning and Cat 5 race in Greenville that afternoon (both 5th place finishes). He did the Cat 5 race at Langley on Sunday (2nd in point, 3rd overall). That's a lot of racing.

Saturday - The Conquer the Canal Time Trial
It was a great day with light winds and temps in the 50/60s. We picked up some points (5th - Steven and 11th - Joe) in the Cat 5 as well as in the Cat 4 (Lirette a 4th and Mitch somewhere in the top 15). Newcomer Chris Kitchen (newcomer because he's sans a jersey) just missed out on the points with a 16th in the Cat 5. I haven't seen the rest of the results to see if Joe C. picked up any in the 50+.

Sunday - Townebank Crit at Langley Speedway
Another perfect day of racing with light winds and temps in the 60/70s. I didn't get there for the Cat 4 race but Shawn picked up a 3rd and I heard Lirette got a top 15 with help from Amos, Mitch, Joe and Fishsticks.
The Cat 5 race was once again a crash fest. Luckily no AAB riders were involved but the eventual winner took advantage of a bad wreck and attacked the field. Steven picks up a 3rd and Joe, who helped Steven keep the gap with an impressive bridge, got a 4th. Since the 2nd place finisher was a collegiate, they get the 2nd and 3rd points. I haven't seen the official results and don't know if anybody else finished in the top 15. I'll post the results link when they are published.
Good job to all that raced this weekend.
Race reminder, the next BAR race is on the 15th up in Richmond (Go Fast Turn Left) followed by the Casey Crit on the 22nd.