Friday, April 6, 2007

Team shorts

Everyone who is getting the team shorts, a down payment is needed so I can place the order. Champion systems requires 50% down, so everyone who is getting bib shorts, I need $30 from you. If you're getting 2 pairs of bibs, then that's $80. Do the math guys! I dont know what math you guys took in skool... ok, it's really $60. The extra $20 goes to Manimal Race Funds. A few people on the team will also be getting skinsuits(same design as jersey/shorts-just one piece). If you're getting a skinsuit, I will need $50 from you. If payment is by check, make payment to All About Bikes Racing. You must be a team member to get the team shorts-no if's and's or but's. this is what I have so far: All About bikes women's team: Jeff G.-1 medium(pink shorts-upon request), Jess-1 medium. Albe-1 medium, Joe Y.-1 large, Andy B.-2 medium, Chris G.-1 medium, Mike H.-1 medium?, Brownie-1 medium, Rob R.-1 medium, Mike D.(not Mike D. from Beastie Boys)-1 large, Amos-2 medium, Mitch-2 large, Mike L.-1 medium? Mitch, Mike L., and myself are getting skinsuits; anyone else, just let me know. If i've left anyone out, shoot me an email. or also, you can call me at the shop. Peace Suckah's, -Manimal