Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Amphibious Assault and PLT #1

It's been awhile since some of us raced so there haven't been many updates. With the exception of Mitch and Chris heading down the Fayetteville on Memorial Day (Chris with a 5th in the CAT 5 RR) and Joe slogging it out at the TS Barry TCC Crit, most of us didn't pin any numbers on the jersey.

Amphibious Assault Crit

Photo Courtesy of JB

The CAT 5 race kicked off at later than the 0800 start due to some delay at the Gate of the base. They went from not checking IDs when I came thru the gate at 0645 to a full car search after that. The race didn't see any metal for once in a race. The AAB guys took a 8th (Chris K), 9th (Joe) and 11th (Albe). Got some team points and some individual BAR points but mostly got that mass race start to make them one step closer to a CAT up to a 4.

CAT 5 sprint finish. Photo courtesy of Shawn.

The CAT 4 guys fielded a team with Mitch, Shawn, Fishsticks, and Mike L. Shawn was up to his crafty racing again and picked up a 4th (and $15). Mike attacked with a few laps to go but the strong wind made it hard for anything to stick. There was some carnage from the pics that I saw (young Elliot from Fat Frogs) but the best part (not in this guys' viewpoint however) was when this happened on the final turn. (Read more about it on his blog)
The CAT 3 had Andy representing the AAB jersey. He picked up a 14th.

The next crit on the VA Cycling schedule is the Bryan Park Circuit race. Good luck to those that registered early before the 4 and 5 races were closed.

The Peter L. Teeuwen Time Trial #1
There were plenty of AAB racers in this packed TT race around our normal training route. Shawn, Amos, Mike L, Chuck, Fishsticks, Mike Brown, Chris K, Rob and Albe did the race against the clock. In Shawn and Amos' case it was race against each other where Amos picked off Shawn by a close 16 seconds. The official results aren't posted yet but Mike L (52:something) and Mitch (53:46) should be good enough for a top 10 in the 4s. Rob and Chris posted somewhere in the 55s. But with all the tri boys showing up only on TT race day in the CAT 5 race, those good times makes it harder to score a top 15. Albe and Brownie posted around the 1:00 mark.

Saturday is the State Time Trial Championship up in Stoney Creek.

Check the race schedule as they have added more races. Notably will be the Tour de Port and Tour de Peake on July 14/15. Back to P-town for some racing and around the Taj Mahal (aka Chesapeake Govt Building). It's so nice to have so many races in this area.