Monday, June 25, 2007

Almost here!

Everyone, it's been a long and rough road for these team kits, but they're almost here. Everytime I try to help out the team and do this clothing order, I get harrased about it by fellow workers. Fun! In the end, all the crap I get will be worth it and the team will look "HOT" at every cycling event. A good looking team must mean that they represent a good shop. That's my purpose! MY buddy Evan from champion systems said that our order will be shipping out in less than a month. This means that the other 50% of the total cost must be paid off so they can ship our stuff. Some of you have paid the full cost of your shorts and others have paid half. If you know what you've paid, come in to pay the rest and if you've forgot, i'll go through everything and give you a call to remind you. When the stuff comes in, we'll organize a race team meeting to distribute the kits everyone ordered. we'll also have to get a race team photo for both shops-something we haven't done in a while. See you guys around. And thanks for your patients.