Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Upcoming VB Town Hall Meeting

The following is an email from Kim in reference to the upcoming Va Beach Town Hall Meeting. I know most of us live and train in Chesapeake but please try to attend so we can voice our opinion and show support for the many cyclists in this area.

Dear Bicyclists and Friends:

Thursday, April 19, 2007, at 6:00 pm there will be a Virginia Beach Town Hall Meeting at Tallwood High School hosted by the V.B. City Council. Representatives from the Tidewater Bicycle Association will be speaking on bicyclists behalf voicing our desires for safer roads. WE NEED CYCLISTS TO ATTEND AND SHOW SUPPORT IN LARGE NUMBERS. Even if you do not live in Va Beach, you probably bicycle there, and, if one city in the Tidewater region does something then the others usualy follow suit.

WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION OURSELVES AND STOP SITTING AROUND WAITING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO "TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS". (Or, as John Mayer says in his song "We're sitting around waiting for the world to change" instead of being apart of making those changes happen.)

I know Thursday night is usually a group ride night, but let's plan to ride the day before or after, and take this Thursday night, April 19, 2007, to make our voices heard by city council.

I hope to see you there wearing a cycling jersey or t-shirt so they will recognize us as bicyclists.

Thank you!

Kim Aldridge