Sunday, March 25, 2007

Busy Weekend Ahead

March 31 is the Conquer the Canal TT. Once again, this is in our own backyard so we should have a good showing. We're pretty lucky to have this many races locally and not having to say, "We drive xx hours to race for :30 minutes." This should be a fast TT as most of the course is protected from the wind.

April 1 is the Townbank Crit in Hampton. For those that have done the Langley Crit before you know it's a fast and fun race on an oval shaped track that is slightly banked (Langley Speedway). Just watch out for the rumble strips if you go too far inside and the beer cans in the parking lot from the previous night's stockcar race.

For even more racing, there's the Greenville, NC races on the same weekend. Steven and Mitch are heading down Saturday after the Conquer the Canal TT to race in the afternoon. Steven is probably more excited about hanging out at ECU.

One last note, check the updated Training Ride schedule with the new Thursday ride as well as the Pungo Death Ride for Tuesday.