Friday, October 12, 2007

"Poor" Joe, Plus CX Race Updates

Joe Younkin traveled to Roanoke to race in the Poor Mountain Hill Climb. He finished 7th in the 18-35 class with a PR of 59:01.
Trek Pro rider Jeremiah Bishop was on hand to show what he gets paid to do. He completed the climb in a course record of 37:16.
Joe recommends coming out next year to race. No mountain bike? No problem. They added a new category this year - "Any Bike". So bring out the cyclocross bikes next year.

Joe is traveling up to Ashland this weekend to race the Poor Farm Fall Cup Race. Good Luck Joe.

Also on the road this weekend will be Shawn and Albe heading up to Charlottesville to race in the Urban Cross which is part of the opening weekend of the VA Cyclocross Race Series.

Race reports to follow next week.