Sunday, May 6, 2007

Norfolk Classic Crit

Blowin' in the Wind

It was windy day for the race but eveyone had to suffer the same conditions. It actually let up for the 4 race compared to earlier races. The wind didn't hamper the fans and alot of folks stuck around to watch the races today. Tripower did a great job on today's event.
Cat 5 Report - Everybody stayed upright finally for a race. The field quickly got spread out on the 2nd lap and if you weren't in the lead group it would have made a hard bridge to get there. Joe and Chris G were in the second group and managed to get a top 10 finish. Mikes (Henderson and Brown) as well as Chris K and Albe finished in the 20s. A familiar training ride face and unofficial AAB racer Jimmy Parrot picked up a 3rd. We need to get him a jersey

Cat 4 Report - Mr. B and Manimal made their upgrade debut along with the veteran 4s of Amos, Shawn, Mitch and Fishsticks. This was another fast start to the race that had the field spread by lap 4. The lead group was established with Steven consistently in the 1st thru 4th wheel and countering any moves. The race came down to a field sprint with the lead pack and Steven picked up a 2nd. Congrats Steven.

The "Look". Manimal-style. (Photo Courtesy of JB) Additional Norfolk Classic pics.
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