Sunday, March 4, 2007

If Your Name is Mike and a CAT 5

Get registered for this weekend's Snowball Crit #2. There's only 5 AAB registered in the CAT 5 race (down from 10 from the first race). So c'mon and register if your name is Mike (Mr. B, Baker, D'Amico, Henderson).

Remember, if you registered for the 1st Snowball crit, your registration will be automatically moved to the new date (4/29). Contact the race director if you need a refund for the 1st race. I emailed him last week to move my race entry fee to the 2nd race but I didn't hear from him and did not see my name on the rider's list so I just registered for the race.

Here's the link for Snowball #2. The long range forecast is calling for sunny and 60 - perfect raceday conditions.

Hey Mike L and Joe - you guys got a race report from Richmond?