Monday, February 5, 2007

Dismal Dash Time Trial and More

Dismal Dash Time Trial March 18th
The Dismal Dash Time Trial registration is up on It's sponsored by Chesapeake Cycling Club and the City of Suffolk.
It's the First Race of the Virginia Cycling Association BAR Series. If you don't plan on racing (and even if you are racing), CCC could always use the help of volunteers. I'll get more info on how you can voluteer and who to contact and post an update.

More Race News...
Looks like the Snowball Crit #1 CAT 3/4 race is full @ 50 entries. We have a strong showing of 12 registered in the 3/4 and the 5 races. There's still plenty of spaces left in the CAT 5 race so get registered.

Jerseys? Did Somebody Say Jerseys?
Somebody asked about Jerseys - Steven, Mr. B or Rob - give us an update from the shop on when we can expect the AAB jerseys.